Fcgimon updated

Manfred Stienstra

In march I wrote a post about our fcgi monitoring and management tool Fcgimon. Today I fixed some rough edges and decided to call this version 1.0.

The biggest change is the way Fcgimon gathers and presents it’s data from `ps`. Earlier versions would just find all the dispatchers and spawners in the process list and show them. This means that not running application would just not show up in the list. Fcgimon now shows the status of all the configured projects, which makes it easier to detect broken spawners. Fcgimon will still show all fcgi processes and spawners outside of the configured projects, but under the normal list and with a small warning.

Minor changes include memory usage information and in general nicer output.

screenshot of fcgimon

If you like what you see you can download Fcgimon from our Subversion repository.


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