Rails ‘show and tell’ talks

Thijs van der Vossen

Here’s the list of talks for the Rails ‘show and tell’ meeting.

Introduction from Greenpeace

Martin Lloyd from the Greenpeace International Application Development Team will give a short overview of the work they’ve done with Rails and Django.

Audio (AAC) | Audio (MP3)

Web Services

Andy Lo A Foe will show us how to connect your Rails project to legacy Java and PHP applications using XML-RPC, SOAP and REST-style web services.

Audio with slides (AAC) | Audio (MP3)

Content Management with Rails

Rien Swagerman from Resource Studio will talk about his experiences with building a CMS on Rails that’s tailored to the needs of his design studio.

Audio with slides (AAC) | Audio (MP3)

Why Django?

Simon de Haan from Eight Media will talk about why they choose Django and not Rails as their default web development framework. An excellent opportunity to learn what the other hot new web framework is all about.

Audio with slides (AAC) | Audio (MP3)

Mailing newsletters

Flurin Egger from DigitPaint will talk about the development of EntopicMail, a Rails application for mailing out newsletters that’s currently in use at organisations like Philips, NEN and the dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

Audio with slides (AAC) | Audio (MP3)

Unicode in Rails

Julian ‘Julik’ Tarkhanov will show us why the lack of Unicode support in Ruby is a problem when developing Rails applications. He’ll also talk about how he developed a very nice way to properly handle Unicode data in Rails.

Audio with slides (AAC) | Audio (MP3)

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