RubyEnRails 2007

Manfred Stienstra

Yesterday the three of us attended RubyEnRails 2007, a Dutch one day conference about Ruby and Rails held in our hometown Amsterdam. We had a great time meeting up with all kinds of Rails developers, almost Rails developers and entrepreneurs.

Nic Williams kicked off the conference being his Australian self and sporting his caboose shirt. In his talk he layed out his views on the future of Rails.

Nic points to his code

Norbert and I did a live hacking session with Ruby, we showed a few ways to clean up your Ruby code and a few ways to make it almost unreadable. I think we lost some people along the way, but I hope everyone enjoyed the talk.

The enterprise controller
Closeup of Norbert
Closeup of Manfred
We lost Geoffrey

One of the things that struck me at the conference was that the talks were really diverse, with lots of real world examples and live coding. As Geoffrey Grosenbach mentioned in his closing talk, this really gave the conference it’s own identity. I hope to see more of this in the future. Next stop, RailsConf Europe.

Geoffrey interviews Robert of Wakoopa

Geoffrey Grosenbach interviews Robert Gaal

The crowd

On the right Justin Halsall

More crowd
Eloy and Nic hacking

Eloy Duran and Nic geeking out after a talk

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