Putting the pane back into deployment

Eloy Duran

We blogged how using Passenger made development easier, but being the Mac User Interface Junkies we are, we’d like to take it one step further.

This was a great opportunity to play with preference panes in RubyCocoa. Thanks to Jason Foreman, and his repository of templates, I didn’t have to spend a lot of time finding out how to initialize a prefPane bundle.

It turns out that creating basic features with a mediocre interface (the default stuff you get from Interface Builder) can be done fairly quickly. However, making it look and feel like a preference pane from the “OEM fruit company” is a different story. Who would have thought?! ;)

Thijs doing interface design with the latest available technologies. Can you spot the advanced z-index technique he used? Hint: Starts with a P.

Anyways, back to the introduction; after roughly 2 weeks we give you an OS X System Preferences pane that will configure Apache and set up a local hostname for running any Rails application using Phusion Passenger. Getting your Rails app up and running is now a matter of seconds.

If you understand why stable has been quoted, you can track development and contribute on: github.com/Fingertips/passengerpane

Note that Passenger preference pane requires OS X 10.5.2 (or at least 10.5.0 and install RubyCocoa 0.13.2 yourself) and Passenger 2.0.1.

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