The iPad is great for customer surveys, questionnaires and other promotional use

Thijs van der Vossen

Last week during the Auto Zürich Car Show, hostesses from Volvo used an iPad app we made to sign up visitors interested in driving the new C30 Electric free for a year.

A hostess taking a picture of an interested woman holding her son using the iPad 2 Together, the hostess and the interested woman enter the required personal details.

Thanks to Javier Vázquez for snapping these pictures.

The iPad has proved very effective for these kind of promotions, not only since it’s so friendly and easy to use, but first and foremost because it’s just plain fun.

One thing we hear over and over is that it’s much easier to keep people engaged when using the iPad. With more traditional methods, respondents often get distracted while they wait for their answers to be written down or entered into a laptop.

Another benefit of the iPad is that its form factor invites sharing. This allows respondents to get more actively involved, either because the large display makes it easy for them to see what’s going on, or because it’s natural to hand the iPad back and forth so that they can enter their own answers.

In only a few days, we built the iPad app for this promotion and distributed it internally to Volvo’s iPads in Switzerland using the Ad Hoc method. The app saves its data locally and submits it in the background to the website for this promotion whenever a network connection is available.

We also made a similar app for Volkwagen which was used during at the Geneva International Motor Show in March 2012.

Interested in an iPad app and/or website like this for your own promotional activities? Get in touch.

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